With decades of experience in foreign policy, United States Representative Gregory Meeks serves as the Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Referring to himself as a multilateralist, he believes that the US should build coalitions around key interests and work with other countries to build a stable and prosperous future for all. In February 2021, Representative Meeks met with Ambassador Bughaighis and commended the Libyan people for their work towards the interim government. He also expressed his concern for the detrimental effects that ongoing foreign military interference had on the security and humanitarian conditions in Libya. Representative Meeks serves as a co-sponsor to the Libya Stabilization Act, and signed a letter addressed to Secretary of State Antony Blinken promoting ideas of how the US could continue supporting a stable political transition in Libya.

Committees: Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Senior Member of the House Committee on Financial Services

“[I am] proud to join [Representative Ted Deutch] and [Representative Ted Lieu] in an important letter on the critical steps needed to address the humanitarian situation, political path forward, and violations of the UN arms embargo at this critical moment for Libya.”
Representative Gregory Meeks