Libyan American Alliance Statement on Recent Developments in Libya

The Libyan American Alliance expresses cautious optimism in the face of recent developments in Libya. Today, as the last of war criminal Khalifa Haftar’s militias were driven out of greater Tripoli by forces loyal to the Government of National Accord, Libya has reached a crucial milestone on its path to a democratic, civil state. Libyans have firmly demonstrated, yet again, that they will not accept a return to the dictatorship and have reaffirmed that the Libyan commitment to Libya’s future is greater than the malevolent interference of foreign actors. Today is an important day, and we recognize it as such.

But we also recognize that there are no victors in war, and that the past year has taken a tremendous toll on Libya’s institutions, its social fabric, and its families. We remember the thousands of men, women, and children that have been lost in past years and the millions that remain within Haftar’s autocratic grasp. And as we look to the future, we recognize the enormity of the coming task and the diligent and intentional work that all Libyans — government institutions, civil society organizations, and private individuals — must undertake to secure Libya’s future. Our work is not over: the Libyan American Alliance will continue to advocate for an end to the conflict in Libya and democracy and a civil state for all Libyans, regardless of their region, ethnicity, or political orientation. We will continue to champion justice as the primary vehicle toward peace, demanding accountability for war crimes and the immediate release of all political prisoners, including disappeared parliamentarian Seham Sergiwa. And we will continue investing in the Libyan American community as a critical collaborator in achieving a better future for all Libyans.