Families sue Libyan commander who once lived in Virginia
US-Libyans sue Khalifa Haftar over civilian deaths near Tripoli
Families sue Libyan commander lived Virginia
Four Libyan families file lawsuit at a US court to punish Haftar for war crimes in Tripoli
Libyan warlord praised by Trump is sued in U.S. for alleged rights abuses, war crimes
Ex-C.I.A. Asset, Now a Libyan Strongman, Faces Torture Accusations
Libyan commander Hifter deposed in US civil lawsuit
Libyan families file U.S. lawsuit accusing LNA leader Haftar of war crimes
Libyan commander responds to federal lawsuits in Virginia
US lawmakers ask FBI to investigate Libyan general praised by Trump
Libya activists look to Biden to put screws on Khalifa Haftar
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