LAA Statement on the Berlin Conference on Libya: Position & Key Points

LAA Statement on the Berlin Conference on Libya:

Position & Key Points

The Libyan American Alliance would like to reemphasize our full support for all efforts to end the Libyan conflict that demonstrate a commitment to the sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity of a nationally united Libya. The Berlin conference on Libya was aimed at attaining tangible steps to end the conflict in Libya through various political, military, and economic negotiations, including a reiteration of the UN arms embargo as well as a recommitment to returning to the political process.

The Libyan American Alliance would also like to highlight the following key points:

  • Conference participants did not agree on any enforceable steps to stop the flow of arms into Libya. The conference failed to discuss a formal ceasefire as well as the cessation of hostilities. We urge all participants, including the US, to work together in forming a list of sanctions to be applied on those who violate the arms embargo and Security Council resolutions on Libya.
  • We support the 5+5 military commission that will meet later this month to discuss the details of the ceasefire in Geneva. However, we warn our international partners that the recent reckless decision made by Khalifa Haftar to shut down Libya’s largest oilfield and a second major pipeline in the southwest is a major escalation that aims to strangle Libya’s finances and overshadow the Berlin peace efforts on Sunday. In addition, we have noticed a recent surge of foreign threats seeking to unravel efforts to establish a long-term truce.
  • Amidst the many foreign currents and actors in the Libya conflict, the Berlin conference only further highlights the absence of a strong US stance on Libya. Without this critical link, negotiations to end the conflict lack the necessary essence needed to move forward with the determined solutions. We urge the United States government to take a stronger position on this issue to safeguard shared American and Libyan interests.

The Libyan American Alliance urges the United States and other international actors to recognize these key points and to continue their efforts in striving for a diplomatic solution to the conflict by putting pressure on General Khalifa Haftar and his backers to stop their destabilizing efforts.