At the height of the Cold War, United States Representative Tom Malinowski fled Communist Poland with his mother, and grew up in New Jersey. Representative Malinowski previously worked under both the Clinton and Obama administrations, focused on ending global conflicts and leading America’s fight for human rights around the world. During his tenure as the chief advocate for Human Rights Watch, he led the bipartisan campaign to end the use of torture by the Bush administration. In 2019, Representative Malinowski signed a letter to former Attorney General William Bar and former FBI Director Christopher Wary, urging them to investigate the war crime accusations against Libyan warlord and American citizen, Khalifa Haftar, and his subordinates. The letter was signed by seven other members of Congress. Representative Malinowski is also a strong supporter of the Libya Stabilization Act, acting as a sponsor for the bill. In April 2021, Representative Malinowski also signed a letter addressed to Secretary of State Blinken that presented recommendations for how the US could further support a stable political transition in Libya.

Committees: House Committee on Foreign Affairs, House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, House Committee on Homeland Security

“Outside powers are mostly to blame for aggravating and prolonging Libya’s post-Qaddafi transition. [The Libya Stabilization Act] will help to expose and impose consequences for the external meddling responsible for the violence and war crimes in Libya.”
Representative Tom Malinowski