United States Senator Chris Coons believes that the U.S. must remain globally engaged and utilize diplomatic, military, economic, and moral power to safeguard global security and democratic values. Senator Coons voted in support of resolutions disapproving the ongoing UAE-US arms sale, releasing a statement reading, “I am concerned about the UAE’s ability to safeguard sensitive American technology and their role in the conflicts in Libya and Yemen.” Senator Coons also serves as the Senate sponsor for the Libya Stabilization Act to promote peace and establish sustainable, long-lasting diplomatic resolution to the conflict in Libya. After reintroducing the bill in February 2021, Senator Coons expressed, “Recent progress, facilitated by the United Nations, has led to the creation of an interim government and elections are on track to take place at the end of [2021]. The United States should be doing all we can to maintain this positive momentum and ensure that foreign meddling or another crisis does not derail the political process.” Additionally, Senator Coons serves as the lead sponsor on the NO BAN Act aimed to prevent future Muslim and travel bans.

Senator Coons congratulating the Libyan people on the formation of an interim unity government and reinforcing his support in Congress to get the Libyan Stabilization Act passed via Twitter in March 2021.

Committees: Appropriations Committee, Foreign Relations Committee, Judiciary Committee, Small Business & Entrepreneurship Committee, and Select Committee on Ethics

“The bipartisan Libya Stabilization Act imposes costs on those seeking to stand in the way of a diplomatic solution in Libya while signaling to parties on the ground that the United States is committed to supporting peace and stability for the Libyan people.”
Senator Chris Coons