United States Senator Lindsey Graham serves as the senior senator from South Carolina. Before being elected to Congress, Senator Graham worked in the US Air Force, logging six-and-a-half years of active duty service as an Air Force lawyer, before eventually retiring in 2015 with 33 years of uniform service. Senator Graham is a co-sponsor of the Libya Stabilization Act, expressing his pleasure “[t]o be a part of this bipartisan effort to focus on a peaceful solution to the conflict in Libya.” In March 2021, the Senator had a phone call with Libya Ambassador to the U.S., Ambassador Bughaighis, congratulating the Ambassador on the new interim government. Ambassador Bughaighis provided Senator Graham with updates on the various routes to stabilization in Libya, stressing the importance of the new Government of Libyan National Unity (GNU). In May 2021, Senator Graham and Libyan Prime Minister, Abdul-Hamid Dbeibah, had a phone call about the upcoming presidential elections in Libya scheduled for 24 December 2021. During this conversation, Senator Graham highlighted how important it is for the GNU to meet all deadlines and make all necessary preparations and changes to ensure a fair, successful democratic election. He reiterated that he, along with his congressional colleagues, are committed to doing everything possible to help ensure that the December election in Libya is free and fair, stating, “My thoughts and prayers are with the Libyan people as they try to chart a new way forward. I will do all in my power to be helpful.”

Senator Graham addressing the phone call between Trump and Haftar that occurred in April 2019.

Committees: Committee on the Judiciary, Appropriations Committee, Budget Committee (Ranking Member), and the Committee on Environment and Public Works

Senator Graham in Libya.
“While Libya does not require an American military presence, it does and will require a full scale diplomatic effort to stand regional players down who are supporting chaos in Libya.”
Senator Lindsey Graham