LAA Supports Calls for Cessation of Hostilities, Urges GNA Attention to Protesters’ Demands

LAA Supports Calls for Cessation of Hostilities, Urges GNA Attention to Protesters’ Demands

The Libyan American Alliance wholeheartedly welcomes the shared calls and declarations from Libyan political actors for the complete cessation of hostilities and an end to the war. We join world governments and international actors in welcoming these developments and hoping that they will herald a brighter future for Libya.

A lasting peace in Libya requires the restoration of legitimate civil rule through a UN-recognized process of free and fair elections. In accordance with the Libyan Political Agreement, this means continued recognition of the Government of National Accord and the rejection of all military attempts to rule Libya until such point that elections can be held. To this end, the political bodies of the House of Representatives and the High Council of State must support the process of constitutional drafting and new elections.

But a civil state in name only is not enough, and the cessation of hostilities does not mean that the work is done. Over the last few days, we have watched as protests have erupted across Libya. Libyans of all ages, especially Libyan youth, have been calling for their basic rights: for equal access to public resources, for better economic conditions, and above all, for an end to the corruption that is endemic to Libyan government institutions. 

These voices represent Libya’s future, and we are troubled by attempts to silence them. To truly secure a democratic, civil future for Libya, it is important now more than ever to preserve the space for civic dialogue and address the grievances of the Libyan people. Military rule must be eradicated across Libya, and violators of international law must be held accountable for their crimes. All militias must be demobilized and the monopoly over the use of force returned to legitimate state institutions. Libyan common resources must be distributed fairly across Libyans of all regions and backgrounds.

As we welcome recent political developments, LAA also urges the Government of National Accord to engage with the concerns of these protesters, to protect their rights to speech and assembly, and to take seriously the task of rooting out corruption. In the wake of this momentous ceasefire agreement, Libya needs strong leadership to enter the next stage on its journey to a democratic, civil state. LAA stands ready to collaborate with Libyan and international partners on combating corruption in Libya and ensuring the flourishing of a vibrant democratic, civil state for all Libyans.